II Southeastern European Workshop
Challenges Beyond the Standard Model:

19-23 May 2005


General Information

The Workshop will be held in Vrnjacka Banja from 19th to 23rd May 2005. The Organizers of the Workshop are the Department of Physics, University of Nis, Serbia and Max Planck Institute for Physics and Ludwig-Maximillians-University, Munich, Germany. Local coorganizer is Section of Serbian Physical Society - Nis.



The purpose of the Workshop is to foster and improve the communication among the researchers in the Balkan region and also between them and their colleagues elsewhere in the world.

The principal idea is to create an opportunity for the researchers working in the general area of high energy physics at different institutions in the Balkan countries to showcase their work and present their results. This will help continuation of a supportive environment with closer collaborative ties and to strengthen the existing regional and interregional collaboration (e.g. SEENET-MTP). Such enhanced communication and collaboration between individual researchers in high energy physics in the region will encourage closer contacts and cooperation between their faculties, universities and institutes, supporting an exchange of scientific personnel and the realization of joint projects.

Science has already transcended national borders, and our ultimate hope is that the effect of scientific integration will also have positive influence on the society in the Balkan in general.


         Strings and superstrings

         String field theory

         Supersymmetry and conformal field theory

         Noncommutative field theory

         D-branes and matrix models

         Cosmology, quantum gravity, extra dimensions

         Particle physics: theory and (LHC) phenomenology

         Noncommutative, q-deformed and nonarchimedean models

         Integrable systems



The number of participants is expected to be around 50. The organizers will cover living expenses for the invited participants. Limited additional funds should be available for a few participants, to be selected by the Organizers.

Travel expenses will be covered partially, depending on the level of international support and the availability of funds.

The organizers will try to waive a number of the participants from the conference fee.

The Conference Committee of the European Physical Society agreed to grant the sponsorship to the BW2005. All colleagues eligible for East West Task Force (EWTF) support are strongly encouraged to apply. Further details can be found at


Deadline for registration and request for financial support: March 31, 2005.

Contact Address

    Balkan Workshop 2005
    Department of Physics, University of Nis
    Visegradska 33
    P.O. Box 224

    18001 Nis, Serbia

    Phone/Fax +381 18 533-014