II Southeastern European Workshop
Challenges Beyond the Standard Model

19-23 May 2005




NEW!!! Instructions for preparing of contribution


The time allowed for the invited talks is expected to be 40-45 minutes. The time for oral presentations of the participants is expected to be 20-25 minutes.


An Abstract Book will be published before the Workshop. Extended abstracts, one to two page(s) typed in LaTeX, including up to 5 references, should be sent by e-mail by April 30, 2005.


More details about publishing of abstracts and possible Conference Proceedings will be given later.



Deadline for abstracts April 30, 2005.


The papers must be written in standard LaTeX2e, article class documents with A4 page:

% [a4paper] parameter is optional!

\title{Instructions for Preparing an Extended Abstract}
\author{First Author \and Second Author}
%\thanks and \and are not mandatory!

The length of text should be two pages. You can delete our sample
and replace it with your own
contribution. Equations should be centered and numbered
\int_{Q_p}\chi_p(\alpha x^2+\beta x)dx=
\lambda_p(\alpha)|2\alpha|_p^{-1/2} \chi_p \left(
-{\beta^2\over4\alpha} \right), \enskip\alpha\neq 0,
as in Eq.~(\ref{eq:myeq1}).

Footnotes are denoted by a character superscript
in the text\footnote{Just like this one.}. Citations in the text
use the labels defined in the bibitem declaration, for example
\cite{vvz}, or \cite{brek}.

\bibitem{vvz} V. S. Vladimirov, I. V. Volovich and E. I
{\it p-Adic
Analysis and Mathematical Physics}, World Scientific, Singapore,

L. Brekke and P. G. O Freund, "p-Adic numbers in physics", {\it
Phys. Rep.} {\bf 233} (1993) p. 1